Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sacramento Bee ran an editorial today regarding Water's coming battle.
When it comes to calibrating water supply and demand, two opposing political philosophies rule. There is the concrete crowd that wants to increase supply. And there is a conservation crowd that seeks to lower the demand.
The while the editorial focuses on the legislative gridlock over increasing supply (build more reserviouse) vs. reducing deman (lower our usage profile) those who have commented on the editorial are focusing on strictly on agricultural subsidies as the cause.

Unfortunately both views oversimplify the issues, and hide the fact that this is not a choice between two opposite policies. Such myopic focus is often only an excuse not to deal with reality, hiding facts behind ideological positions.

Solutions to the problems of water, especially water in the delta, require that we do many things. Not the least of which might be to change the profile of the crops planted by California farmers.

More on this as I figure it out.


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