Thursday, August 31, 2006

The news about the delta is a bit confusing this week. One day, I read that there is a deal in the work for a flood control bill out of Sacrament. The next day, it is off, then on, then off.

In the middle of all of this, State Senator Don Perata collected a $500,000 contribution to a "committee" that he controls, coming just two days after he had supposedly "killed" the bills.

Yesterday, the Bee Reported that the bills got a second chance. Then today, Daniel Weintraub reported in his insider blog that it appears to be off again.

If you want to know what all of this fuss is about, turn on your television next week and look for the documentary Rising River, Rising Risk, if you happen to have a PBS station that is willing to run it. The people at restorethedelta provided the folloing announcement:

It was just a year ago that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans causing
the unpredicted spectacle of a major American city buried under water.
With the first anniversary approaching, California Connected's Craig
Miller travels to Sacramento to investigate the current condition of the
city's levees that have recently been under critical review. Even more
primitive than the ones destroyed in Louisiana, the levees in Sacramento
are estimated to cost billions to upgrade and repair. In July,
construction commenced on 29 critical erosion sites, however, since then
the number has risen to 108 sites and continues to rise. These levees
affect local residents as well as Californians statewide. A flood could
not only affect the thousands of new developments along the banks of the
river, but could affect much of the drinking water for much of Southern

California Connected airs on KVIE in Sacramento Fridays at 7:30 pm on
September 8. The series is co-produced by four PBS stations - KCET/Los
Angeles, KPBS/San Diego, KQED/San Francisco and KVIE/Sacramento - and is
broadcast statewide through a unique collaboration with KCSM/San Mateo,
KEET/Eureka, KIXE/Redding, KOCE/Huntington Beach, KRCB/Rohnert Park,
KTEH/San Jose, KVCR/San Bernardino and KVPT/Fresno